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Glaucoma Clinic

Glaucoma is a disease where the pressure of eye becomes high damaging the nerve fibers of the optic nerve. In some patients even normal or low eye pressure can cause damage to the nerve. Slow damage to optic nerve leads to slow loss of field of vision finally leading to blindness. Glaucoma is a common cause of irreversible blindness across the world.The main problem in picking up this Silent Disease is that mostly it does not have symptoms. Most of the cases are picked up on a routine eye examination by the ophthalmologist. Though the disease is blinding, it is treatable if detected early enough. Further damage to the optic nerve can be prevented by starting proper treatment. Regular follow-ups are also needed to assess the progress of disease and whether treatment is effective or not.

Types of Glaucoma

  • Open Angle Glaucoma
  • Narrow Angle Glaucoma
  • Secondary Glaucoma
  • Congenital Glaucoma
Tonometry – Measuring of IOP


Mode of treatment includes eye drops, tablets, laser or surgery. These do not cure the disease but treat the condition by preventing further damage. The treatment is modified based on time to time evaluation of the disease status.

Early detection of Glaucoma You need an eye examination

  • Every 18-24 months if you are of the age 30 year or above
  • Every 12 months if a family member has glaucoma.
  • Medical Management
  • Topical (drops)
  •  Oral (Tablets)
  •  Injection ( Mannitol)
  • Yag Laser Iridotomy
  •  Laser is used to create an opening in periphery of the Iris
  • SLT
  •  Surgery
  • Trabeculectomy
  • Other filtering procedures
  • Tonometry – Measuring of IOP
  • Opthalmoscopy - Evaluation of optic nerve damage
  • Perimetry – To detect visual field changes.
  • Pachymetry – T measure the corneal thickness
  • Gonioscopy – Inspection of the drainage angle of the eye
  • OCT - Latest technology for retinal nerve fiber layer and optic nerve head evaluation

At EMLC we are equipped and have regular Glaucoma Clinic for our patients.

1. Tonometers :
  • Goldmann Applanation Tonometers
  • Pulse Air (Keeler, UK)
  • i care Tonometer (Finland) - hand held portable Tonometer
  • Tono Pen (Reichert, USA)


Field analysis is performed on the Humphrey visual field analyzer.


3.Pachymetry :

Pachymetry is performed by the Ultrasound Pacscan Pachymeter, USA and Axis Nano (Quantal Medicals,France) ,Non Contact Specular Biomicroscopy ( Topcon SP3000P, Japan) or Anterior segment OCT of the RTVue XR 100 Avanti (USA) OCT.
The RTVue XR 100 Avanti (USA) OCT is equipped to perform RNFL and Disc measurements and angio-OCT
Anterior segment and angle measurements are performed by the anterior segment RTVue XR 100 Avanti (USA) OCT and Compact Touch STS, UBM from Quantal Medicals, France.

4.Gonioscopy :

  • 2 mirror
  • 3 mirror
  • 4 mirror
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