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                                 A medical retina service treat conditions at the back of the eye, which are treated medically using drugs, eye drops or lasers, intravitreal injections and includes screening for diabetic retinopathy and retinopathy or prematurity. Conditions treated by clinicians in this services include age related macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, retinal blood vessel blockages, inflammation at the back of the eye (uveitis) and screening of premature children.All retinal diseases are evaluated and managed. All investigations and treatment are done as an out patient procedure.

Equipments For Retinal Examination

                     Indirect ophthalmoscopy and photography                     Digital fundus camera imaging & Fundus fluorescein angiography 
                                  DISC EDEMA                                      NORMAL FUNDUS                          Autofluorescence
           First in Kerala.  Advanced OCT imaging. High speed, high resolution (3µ), Wide field, deep choroidal imaging, 3D imaging. Facility for OCT ANGIO and Anterior segment OCT
    Optovue – Avanti Wide field Enface OCT                                                                 OCT REPORT
                                 Ultrasound B Scan (Appasamy)  

Laser Photocoagulation

EMLC is one of the few centres to have started laser photocoagulation in Kerala.The centre has 3 types of lasers for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and other Vitreoproliferative diseases of the retina. Lasers are delivered through Slit lamp, Indirect and Endolaser
Vitra 532 - Multi spot frequency double Yag laser (France)                                
     Diode Laser Photocoagulation (Viridis, France)                                                       Laser Indirect Photocoagulation Iridex
Retinal surgery department is equipped with state of the art Alcon Constellation Vitrectomy System. It combines ULTRAVIT high speed Vitrectomy probe (5000 cut) with duty cycle control,integrated pressurized infusion & IOP compensation, advanced xenon illumination and V-LOCITY efficiency components to deliver an exceptional level of performance. Sutureless 23 G, 25G and 27 G surgeries routinely performed at our centre for all surgical conditions of the retina and vitreous.
                                                                                                                        Alcon Constellation Vitrectomy System
   23 GAUGE 3PART PORTS PLANE VITRECTOMY      Membrane peeling in macular hole                Retinal detachment
        EndoLaser Photocoagulation         
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